BICOSOME welcomes 2021 online events season by sponsoring the 6th Beauty Innovation Days.

Please visit our virtual booth, get to know the latest news and schedule a meeting with us. We are willing to exchange ideas and help with your new projects.

Visit the event webpage and check the program: Beauty innovation days


Thank you to support OneSkin event!

To our partners Beauty Cluster, Instituto de Química Avanzada de Cataluña (IQAC-CSIC), Tovani Benzaquen Ingredientes, Ultra Chemical, Inc. To our speakers Gopi Menon, Olga Lopez, Alberto Keidi Kurebayashi, M Begoña Delgado-Charro. And to all participants that made OneSkin possible. We are grateful and inspired to do better next year.

We wish you all a wonderful 2021 and especially to the teams of PTI Salud Global (CSIC-Covid19), Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil, Love The Oceans to continue with their amazing work.

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Bicosome will host “OneSkin”, a global skincare educational event which also serves as a charitable fundraiser for several not-for-profit organizations. The event will cover key topics in skin science, welcoming for all skin community, including scientists, formulators and marketers. Open and free to all industry.

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Bicoalgae® ω3 is a TOP TREND ingredient for 2020-2021 according to Global Cosmetic Industry.

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