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In-cosmetics connect

Launching on Bicoalgae® ω3 at in-cosmetics connect. Bicoalgae® ω3 is a skin superfood that potentiates the effects of microalage extracts in the Epidermis stimulating endogenously the resolution of skin inflammaging.

Beauty innovation Days

Bicosome launches Bicoalgae® ω3, a skin superfood that potentiates the effects of microalgae extracts in the Epidermis stimulating endogenously the resolution of skin inflammaging.
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Bicotene® Complex Trend ingredient 2020-2021

Bicotene® Complex is spotlighted in Global Cosmetic Industry as ingredient trends 2020-2021 for its greats capacities to protects from UV, Blue light and IR radiations.

Bicosome® mechanism of skin delivery

Bicosomes® interact with the skin through an innovative biomimetic mechanism that imitates the skin’s own transportation system, the lamellar bodies. When Bicosomes® are applied on the skin, its outer vesicle fuses on the skin surface and the smart disks penetrate selectively through the inter-corneocytes spaces reaching target skin layers. Once the actives are delivered, Bicosome® ordered lipid structures get integrated in the skin matrix, reinforcing the barrier function.

Bicosome ingredients

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Bicoalgae® XT

Bicoalgae® XT is a microalgae-based skin superfood that increases the skin’s defences and repairs the effects of ageing acceleration due to modern lifestyle. It improves skin firmness and accelerates the cell renewal process, visibly reducing wrinkles and increasing skin radiance. In addition, Bicoalgae® XT protects the skin against pollution particles and neutralises the damage of blue light radiation.

Bicoalgae® ω3

Bicoalgae® ω3 is a microalgae-based skin superfood that works to resolve ageing resulted from chronic inflammation. Bicoalgae® ω3 reduces age related pro-inflammatory cytokines and protects the skin from ROS induced by UV-Vis and Blue light. In clinical studies, Bicoalgae® ω3 restored TEWL from pathological levels and improved signs and symptoms of skin inflammatory conditions.

Bicomide® SM

Bicomide® SM Control is a delivery system specially developed to oily skin with Blue light protection. The clinical studies showed that Bicomide® regulates the sebum production at source, reducing large pores and the shiny effect. Bicomide® also decreases the population of C acnes on the skin surface, equilibrating the microbiome and promoting a cleaning up effect on acne prone skin volunteers.

Bicosome® FS

Bicosome® Filling up system is a biomimetic filler that helps to rebuild the lipid structure of the skin. Bicosome® FS is indicated in anti-ageing treatments and to repair the skin after environmental, chemical or physical aggressions that promote disordering of skin bilayer structures. Bicosome® FS reduces water loss and improves elasticity and firmness, being ideal to protect and repair skin and lips.


Bicowhite® Complex is a multi-target delivery system that works in 5 different processes involved in the formation of dark spots, generating a gentle and effective skin colour unification. Clinically, Bicowhite® has proven to reduce Melanin index, brighten and unify the skin tone. Bicowhite® is effective even under UV radiation and does not produce photosensitivity, being usable all year round.

Bicotene ®

Bicotene® Complex is a skin delivery system that stabilises and delivers proretinol molecules in deep Epidermal layers, repairing the sun damage and providing complimentary sun protection. Bicotene® Complex is effective in preventing the degradation of collagen, cell membranes and DNA damage, and reestablishing the skin oxidative balance after UV-VIS & IR exposure, which makes it a suitable ingredient for suncare and antiphotoaging.


In this section, you will find short 17 min talks about several hot topics, cosmetic market trends, skin science and Bicosome’s own innovations. Have a look at the preview content and request access to the full video.
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Bicobreaks 1

In this session, we talk about what the literature has to say about the actual effects that Blue Light does on our skin and the main consequences of its chronic exposure to electronic devices.
Also, We review a range of Bicosome products with Blue Light claim and what this claim exactly means in terms of efficacy studies.

Bicobreaks 2

In this Bicobreak we talk about the factors implied in skin ageing and how to protect the skin to decelerate this process.
Also, we make a short review of the Bicosome products addressed to this topic.
Remember: Aging is inevitable, well-aging is up to you!

Bicobreaks 3

In this Bicobreak we talk about a very relevant topic, Inflammaging. We try to shed some light on questions such as what is inflammaging, what causes it, what is the impact on the skin and how to prevent or reduce inflammaging?
We also briefly introduce an anti-inflammaging Bicosome system.

Bicobreaks 4

In this talk we review an exciting topic involving a paradigm change in our sector, shifting from skin “whitening” molecules and claims to a more wide and inclusive approach.
We also give some ideas to inspire formulators and we briefly introduce the solution we offer to unify skin tone.

Bicobreaks 5

In recent years new and important scientific data has been published about the impact of pollution on health.
In this Bicobreak we make a review of the main damages in skin and hair induced by pollution, as well as of the mechanisms we need to address in skin and hair care formulas to counteract them. Finally, we present some solutions we offer with Bicosome® technology.

Bicobreaks 6

Sun damage is one of the main concerns in skin health. In order to formulate comprehensive sun protection products, the formulator must consider the broad spectrum of solar radiation.
In this talk, we talk about how to enhance sunscreens and other cosmetic lines with Bicosome ingredients that act by blocking the mechanisms involved in damage from sun exposure.

Bicobreaks 7

In this session, we review a condition that is affecting more and more people. We review the structural changes observed in sensitive skin and also, we discuss how cosmetic approaches may help in soothing the sensitive skin.

Bicobreaks 8

In this edition, we review hair structures and their functions with a special focus on hair lipids. We try to explain in detail why hair lipids are directly related to healthy, shiny and strong hair. We review the features of Bicohair technology and how it prevents and repair hair damages.

Bicobreaks 9

In this Bicobreaks session, we review the skin microbiome and how it intersects with the barrier function. We dig into the most recent literature and cosmetic practices, also presenting Bicosome approach to this topic.

Bicobreaks 10

Sebum has many functions for the skin, however excessive sebum production causes many alterations in oily skin and may lead to others skin concerns. In this Bicobreak we will review the literature about this topic and how Bicosome ingredients can solve it effectively.

Bicobreaks 11

In this Bicobreaks, we will explore the main features of microalgae and we will focus on its high content of interesting biomolecules that greatly benefit our body and skin. We will also discuss the main benefits and challenges of microalgae incorporation in cosmetic formulation and review Bicosome solutions to deliver these superfoods into the skin.

Bicobreaks 12

In this session, we will review the skin delivery technologies addressed to the development of the most searched for claims in skincare ingredients. We will also review the main differentiate characteristics of Bicosome® technology among the most popular skin delivery systems.

Bicobiome® Launch

Bicobiome® is a multi-active ingredient complex that aims to provide an efficient solution for restoring the scalp health. Specially indicated for oily scalps prone to dandruff, it targets the main consequences of scalp imbalance: hyperseborrhea, barrier function impairment, and microbiome dysbiosis.