Bicosome returns to presential events at

Cosmetorium 2021!

All the industry was missing them. Presential events have always been an opportunity to meet  to meet and get to know what is hot and the future trends in our field. A place where companies, products, services, and opportunities can meet in one place.

Recently, after almost two years without events, Bicosome participated as an exhibitor to the 5th edition of Cosmetorium (2021). Cosmetorium represents a unique opportunity for the Spanish cosmetic ecosystem to gather professionals and companies of the cosmetic value chain.

In addition, Bicosome also participated in the TechFocus program. TechFocused was composed of a series of talks that ofered visitors the opportunity to hear about the latest technical advances, innovations, developments, and formulating techniques directly from the people making them.

As part of the program, our R&D Project and Scientific Communication Manager presented the talk “Activating the endogenous mechanisms of healing to revert inflammaging signs”.

In the talk, Dra. Martha Vázquez explained the mechanisms and approaches to finishing the acceleration of skin aging caused by inflammaging, a chronic low-grade state of inflammation.

The talk, with almost 200 attendees, had its focus on the benefits and action of our ingredient Bicoalgae® ω3, which incorporates microalgae extracts rich in omega-3 fatty acids and delivers them directly to deep epidermal layers to stimulate the natural resolution of inflammaging.

Bicoalgae® ω3 stabilises and transports two microalgae superfoods, N gaditana and I galbana, rich in EPA and DHA, to deep Epidermal layers, boosting their effects by more than 200%. Bicoalgae® ω3 efficacy relies on its capacity to make these molecules available in deep skin layers for orchestrating the biosynthesis of special mediators (SPMs) that stimulate the resolution of inflammaging.

Overall, the return to face to face events is something to celebrate, and we did so by organizing a giveaway!

Our visitors had the opportunity to participate and win an incredible experience in the Best Hotel Spa of the World* for two!

The winner was announced on our LinkedIn page the second day of the event. Be sure to follow us to be informed of the upcoming events!

Our team is present in the main events of our field all over the world.

We hope to see you soon!

With best regards from the Bicosome team.

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